Lawn Fertiliser

Lawn Granular Food Ref #55035

Ref #55035


Amgrow Lawn Granular Food is a balanced formulation of essential nutrients and trace elements, designed specifically for lawns.

It is suitable for all grass types, including Buffalo and can be used as a pre-treatment when starting a new lawn or to maintain an established lawn.

Amgrow Lawn Granular Food is high in Nitrogen to ensure vigorous grass growth and a healthy green colour. The superior level of Potassium ensures the efficient take up of the Nitrogen by the grass and also improves resistance to environmental stress and disease.



Feeds up to 150 square metres.

How to Use

Preparation for new lawn:

Evenly broadcast 20 grams per square metre to the soil surface, rake into the topsoil and water in well

Lawn Maintenance:

Broadcast 30 grams per square metre evenly and water in well.

Apply in spring, summer and autumn

Water in well, immediately after application


Effective on the following plant