It’s that green oasis in our backyards that we pride ourselves on. No matter how big or small, our lawns provide us with a space for entertainment, relaxation and a place to unwind. There are many turf types and varieties including some of the most common being kikuyu, couch and buffalo. The growing performance of the turf grass can differ between species and varieties, as they may be more suited to different climatic conditions, from full-sun to part-shade and cool or warm climates.




Products to Use Lawns

Naturals All Purpose Plant Food


A complete natural fertiliser for use on all areas of the garden including native plants. Specially formulated fertiliser, containing aerobically composted poultry manure. Aerobic composting involves actively turning it over, to oxygenate it, before processing it into easy to use pellets. Aerobic composting kills pathogens and supports healthy levels of beneficial micro-organisms in your soil.… View Page

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Lawnporn Green Light


Green Light is a professional foliar fertiliser designed specifically to encourage a deep green colour and growth response in turf. The inclusion of iron (Fe) in chelated form helps get the nutrient into the plant quickly, resulting in rapid and lasting greening effect. Based on the same formulation as Australia’s most widely used nitrogen (N) […]… View Page

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Lawnporn Root Builder +


Based on a highly concentrated kelp extract sourced from South Africa, the kelp formulation that makes up Lawnporn Root Builder+ is considered the Australian turf industry’s best. Many people have heard that some kelps contain plant hormones vital for growth, but what is less commonly known is that it is the ratio of these hormones […]… View Page

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Lawnporn Moist


Growing a lush lawn in the driest inhabited continent on Earth, while using water responsibly can be challenging. That’s why professional turf managers will rely on high quality wetting agent products like Lawnporn Moist to get them through spring and summer. While it’s name sounds a little silly, Lawnporn Moist is a serious wetting agent. […]… View Page

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Lawnporn Launch +


Launch+ is a professional grade foliar fertiliser designed to be applied to the foliage (or leaf) of the turf, a method of application which is often deemed the most efficient avoiding nutrient losses in the soil. While designed for use throughout the year, Launch+ is best suited to use during times when turf root development […]… View Page

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Lawn Granular Food

AMG11365 Naturegrow Tomato Potting Mix final art V9 OL

Amgrow Lawn Granular Food is a balanced formulation of essential nutrients and trace elements, designed specifically for lawns. It is suitable for all grass types, including Buffalo and can be used as a pre-treatment when starting a new lawn or to maintain an established lawn. Amgrow Lawn Granular Food is high in Nitrogen to ensure […]… View Page

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Kleen Lawn Selective Lawn Weeder

kleen lawn 250ml angle rgb

Kleen Lawn Selective Lawn Weeder can be used to control broad leaf weeds including clover, pearlwort, chickweed, dandelion, dock, bindii and lambs toungue. Can be used on couch, bent and kikuyu lawns. NOT suitable for use on buffalo lawns. Contains contact and systemic herbicides. How to use: Dilute 15mL in 4 litres of water and […]… View Page

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Shirleys No 17 Lawn Food


Shirleys No 17 Lawn Food is a well balanced, granular fertiliser with added trace elements and is suitable for all grasses. It is the ideal fertiliser when sowing a new lawn or maintaining an established lawn. Shirleys No 17 promotes vigorous and healthy growth and good colour. How to use: Broadcast evenly and water in […]… View Page

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Buffalo Lawn Food

Buffalo Lawn Food Bottlegreen

Specifically formulated for buffalo and other warm season grasses such as kikuyu & couch. High nitrogen levels and high in carbon and humic acids. Added iron to give a rich green colour to lawn. Low odour and dust levels. Easy to use homogenous prill. Contains NutriPlus a unique BioActiv compound fertiliser which enhances nutrient uptake […]… View Page

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Tropic Lawn Food

100898903 Tropic 20kg

Tropic Lawn Food is a well balanced granular fertiliser with added trace elements that is suitable for all grasses. The product promotes vigorous and healthy growth and good colour. Tropic contains all the key nutrients for great lawns. How to use: Broadcast evenly and water in well. For established lawns use 50 grams per square […]… View Page

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