Garden Fertiliser

Amgrow All Purpose Plant Food Ref #55020

Ref #55020


Amgrow All Purpose plant food is formulated to enrich garden soil by providing a balanced mix of essential nutrients. It is ideal as a basic food for vegetables annual flowers and seedlings as well as for regular applications to perennials ornamental shrubs and trees. It also contains essential trace elements to encourage active healthy growth. Low Phosphorous levels.

How to use:

Use 75 grams per sqm in spring and summer as a general maintenance application for your annuals, perennials and vegetables. For established trees and shrubs use 75 grams per sqm in spring and autumn. Not suitable for pots.


(N:P:K) 10.1: 0.8: 10.1 Sulphur (S) 14.6% Calcium (Ca) 1.5% Iron (Fe) 0.3%