Scale Insects

Scientific name: Order: Hemiptera


Scale insects range in form a from flat to raised, and usually circle to oval shaped. They can vary in size and colour, from 3-10mm in diameter, and ranging from palish yellow, green, white, brown to black. Their bodies can be shiny or have a waxy dull appearance. They are usually seen clustered along leaf veins, leaf stalks, stems and fruit causing damage to plants. They suck sap and exude large amounts of honeydew, making ideal conditions for sooty mould. They tend to be in great numbers during warm, dry conditions. They attack a wide range of plants including vegetables, fruit trees, ornamentals, ferns and even grass species.

Products to Use Scale Insects

White Oil RTU

White Oil ready to use 750ml lrgb ow res

Controls Citrus Leaf miner and scale insects on citrus, roses and ornamentals in the home garden. Also ideal as a leaf gloss on indoor plants. How to use: Apply mid-February for light infestations and December and February for heavy infestations. Spray thoroughly to run-off covering all parts of the plant or tree. Refer to instructions […]… View Page

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