Rutherglen Beetle

Scientific name: Nysius vinitor

A native species that can migrate into crops in very large numbers in favourable seasons. It breeds on a wide range of native and weed hosts, building up to large numbers in inland areas when winter and spring rainfall allows the growth of native herbs and weeds. In spring, as the hosts start to dry off, large numbers of adult bugs will move into the eastern cropping areas, migrating on the winds associated with storm fronts.

Products to Use Rutherglen Beetle

Pyrethrum RTU

Pyrethrum insecticide 750ml rgb low res

Pyrethrum RTU is a low toxicity contact insecticide containing natural pyrethrum. It controls a wide range of insect pests including aphids, thrips and caterpillars and can be used on fruit, vegetables and ornamentals. There is only a one day withholding period after use on edible crops. How to use: Ready to Use formulation – no […]… View Page

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