Rats & Mice

Scientific name: Muridae

Rattus rattus – roof rat, black rat, fruit rat, tree rat, ship rat, Alexandrine rat.

Rattus norvegicus – Norway rat, brown rat, sewer rat, laboratory rat, white rat.

Mus domesticus (or Mus musculus or Mus musculus domesticus) – house mouse.


All Australian rodents belong to the single family, Muridae. The three pest species belong to the subfamily, Murinae. There are approximately 60 native species in Australia including the well-known Water Rat, Bush Rat and Stick-nest Rats. It is not uncommon for native species such as bush rats and various species of mice to be found in people’s backyards, so it is imperative that you can identify the animal’s species before undertaking a control programme.

Mice are “opportunistic” breeders, reaching their sexual maturity at around 8 weeks of age. They may produce 6-10 litters per annum with 5-6 young per litter. The gestation period is around 19 days.

Products to Use Rats & Mice

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