Scientific name: Austroasca viridigrisea


Leafhoppers or Jassids are sap sucking insects that also inject a toxin when feeding into plant tissue. This results in fine dots or spotting that are white for vegetable Jassids. Adults are usually 3mm in length and have a slight bluish-green appearance. They have broad head and tapering body almost like a triangle shape, with clear wings that extend beyond the abdomen. They have eyes that are separated and small antennae. The nymphs are very similar to the adults but are wingless. Jassids are common pests to a range of vegetables including carrots, brassicas, leafy vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes and capsicums.

Products to Use Leafhoppers

Pyrethrum RTU

Pyrethrum insecticide 750ml rgb low res

Pyrethrum RTU is a low toxicity contact insecticide containing natural pyrethrum. It controls a wide range of insect pests including aphids, thrips and caterpillars and can be used on fruit, vegetables and ornamentals. There is only a one day withholding period after use on edible crops. How to use: Ready to Use formulation – no […]… View Page

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