Downy Mildew

Scientific Name: Plasmopara spp.


There are many fungi that can cause similar symptoms on different plants. Downy mildew usually appears as patches and spots that can occur on the upper and underside of the leaf. It is usually seen as a furry growth that forms under humid conditions. It is usually a grey to light violet in colour. The spores spread by wind or by rain or irrigation water.  This disease relies on high relative humidity for growth and the spores cannot germinate or grow under dry conditions.

Products to Use Downy Mildew

Copper Oxychloride


Used for the control of certain fungal diseases of fruit trees, vegetables and ornamentals in the home garden. This is primarily a semi-dormant spray for the control of leaf curl, freckle brown rot, black spot and a number of other fungal diseases on stone fruit  such as tomatoes, citrus, grapes and some ornamentals. How to […]… View Page

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