Citrus trees prefer and will thrive in full sun. They will grow well with up to half a day of sun, but will produce more foliage and less flowers and fruit with less direct sunlight. Citrus prefer to be protected from frost, which can damage the foliage and fruit. Good drainage is necessary for all citrus and good soil preparation before planting. Citrus can be planted in raised beds or pots in sunny areas, always select a variety suitable for this type of planting. Smaller varieties of citrus can be grown in large pots or tubs. Citrus are shallow-rooted trees and thus require regular watering especially during the hot summer months. Always avoid planting around the base of the tree. Keep the area under the tree free of grass and mulch well.

Products to Use Citrus

Naturals Citrus, Berry & Fruit Plant Food


A complete natural fertiliser for use on Citrus (including lemons, limes, orange, etc), Strawberries, Blueberries and fruiting trees including stone fruits. Specially formulated fertiliser, containing composted poultry manure, feather and fishmeals, natural minerals, blood and bone, composted seaweed and sulphate of potash designed to produce more abundant fruit and flowers.… View Page

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Amgrow Citrus & Fruit Granular Plant Food

AMG11365 Naturegrow Tomato Potting Mix final art V9 OL

General Information Amgrow Citrus & Fruit Granular Plant Food contains a balanced formulation of essential nutrients specifically formulated for citrus and fruiting trees. The Nitrogen and Potassium content assists the development of large fruit and healthy foliage. Phosphorus is included to promote flowering and added trace elements provide overall health and vitality.   Analysis N […]… View Page

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Ferticote Fruit, Citrus & Shrub

9310943553336 Ferticote Fruit, Citrus & shrubs 1Kg

Amgrow Ferticote Fruit, Citrus & Shrub is a specific combination of nutrients for optimum growth of fruit, citrus trees and shrubs. Rich in nitrogen, magnesium and iron, this specific formulation will promote healthy strong root growth, lush green foliage and increased flowering and fruiting. Added trace elements will keep leaves green all year whilst still […]… View Page

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