Citrus Leafminer

Scientific name: Pyhllocnistis citrella


Citrus leafminer is usually identified by the damage done to the leaves of citrus by the larvae. The tiny larvae feed just below the leaf surface leaving slivery trails which can discolour over time. This causes distortion of the leaves and new shoots which are preferred by the citrus leafminer larvae. If the foliage is attacked heavily it may cause stunting to the plants growth. Foliage that has been attacked will remain distorted and will take away from the aesthetics of the plant. The adults are usually not seen as they tend to be active at night. The adults are a tiny moth with a silvery-white to yellowish markings, with a black spot on each forewings. The wingspan of the moth is about 5 mm.


Products to Use Citrus Leafminer

White Oil RTU

White Oil ready to use 750ml lrgb ow res

Controls Citrus Leaf miner and scale insects on citrus, roses and ornamentals in the home garden. Also ideal as a leaf gloss on indoor plants. How to use: Apply mid-February for light infestations and December and February for heavy infestations. Spray thoroughly to run-off covering all parts of the plant or tree. Refer to instructions […]… View Page

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