Camphor Laurel

Botanical name: Cinnamomum camphora


Camphor laurel is an evergreen tree that is highly invasive due to its very rapid growth and its ability to reproduce. Even after lopping them down they regenerate, even from wood chips. They also propagate readily from seed. This distinct weed can be identified easily by the oval leaves that are glossy, purple to lime green when immature and dark green when fully grown.

The leaves have a very distinct camphor oil smell, when crushed. It fruits in the form of small berries that are 1cm wide, black and spherical and usually noticeable in late autumn. The trees can grow to a height of 20m, and are usually found in shady areas or in disturbed bushland. They are able to compete in areas of low light, crowding out other species.

Products to Use Camphor Laurel

Tree & Blackberry Killer

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Tree & Blackberry Killer is a highly concentrated herbicide used in the control of Blackberry, Lantana, Groundsel, Privet, Wattles and other woody weeds in the home garden. How to use: Use 20 mL per litre of water for overall spraying of Blackberry, Camphor and Laurel seedlings 1 litre water. Apply from late spring to early […]… View Page

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