Scientific name: Rubus fruticosus


Blackberry is a perennial, semi-deciduous, prickly, scrambling invasive weed. It is a semi-prostrate to almost-erect shrub, with arching and entangling stems arising from a woody crown and forms thickets up to several metres high. The root/crown system is the only perennial part of the plant with the foliage dying back annually.

Products to Use Blackberry

Freehand Herbicide

AMG110_Freehand Render

Freehand herbicide introduces a new active ingredient for use in landscape ornamentals – dimethenamid-P combined with pendimethalin. This unique combination makes Freehand herbicide the perfect tool for pre-emergent weed control of annual grasses, susceptible sedge species and many small-seeded broadleaf weeds. Controls over 60 common weeds Can be used in pots, plant containers, garden soil […]… View Page

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Tree & Blackberry Killer

tree&blkberry killer 250ml angle

Tree & Blackberry Killer is a highly concentrated herbicide used in the control of Blackberry, Lantana, Groundsel, Privet, Wattles and other woody weeds in the home garden. How to use: Use 20 mL per litre of water for overall spraying of Blackberry, Camphor and Laurel seedlings 1 litre water. Apply from late spring to early […]… View Page

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