Acid Loving Plants


There are a select number of plants that are acid loving and require acidic soils. These include most Australian natives, Gardenia,  Azaleas and Camellias which are well known for their stunning spring blooms and their versatile use in garden landscapes such as hedges, topiary, potted plants and even placed as stand alone features.  It is essential to provide acid loving plants right products to meet their specialised nutritional requirements and get the most out of them.

Products to Use Acid Loving Plants

Azalea Camellia & Gardenia Plant Food

AMG11365 Naturegrow Tomato Potting Mix final art V9 OL

General Information Azalea Camellia & Gardenia Plant Food is a balanced formulation of essential nutrients specifically formulated for all acid loving trees and shrubs. Added phosphorus and nitrogen content encourages strong flowering and healthy foliage while trace elements provide overall health and vitality. Low phosphorous formulation. Ingredients NPK = 7-1-9 How to Use Azalea Camellia […]… View Page

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Ferticote Rose, Gardenia, Azalea & Camellia

9310943553398 Ferticote Roses, Gardenias, Azaleas 1Kg

Amgrow Ferticote Rose, Gardenia, Azalea & Camellia is a specific combination of nutrients for optimum growth of roses and acid loving plants such as Azaleas, Camellias and Gardenias. Rich in nitrogen, magnesium and iron, this specific formulation will promote healthy strong root growth, lush green foliage and increased flowering. Added trace elements will keep leaves […]… View Page

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