Botanical name: Ligustrum spp.


There are several species of Privet that can be identified as a broad-leafed evergreen shrub or small tree to the height of 4 to 10 m. The leaves are dark green and glossy and have a distinct mid-vein. Privet flowers are tiny and distinctively fragrant in branched clusters and are white in colour. The berries when they form are 9 mm in length and 12 mm wide, and mature from green to bluish black in colour. Privet can become a serious environmental weed. If dense stands of privet form they become very difficult to control as they compete with other vegetation for establishment and survival.

Products to Use Privet

Tree & Blackberry Killer

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Tree & Blackberry Killer is a highly concentrated herbicide used in the control of Blackberry, Lantana, Groundsel, Privet, Wattles and other woody weeds in the home garden. How to use: Use 20 mL per litre of water for overall spraying of Blackberry, Camphor and Laurel seedlings 1 litre water. Apply from late spring to early […]… View Page

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