Lawn care starts here!

Decorative garden, Green lawn, the front lawn for background.

It’s that green oasis in our backyards that we pride ourselves on. No matter how big or small, our lawns provide us with a space for entertainment, relaxation and a place to unwind. 

Some helpful tips have been provided to get the most out of your lawn, keeping it lush green and healthy all year around.


Maintenance and Nutrition:  

Like most plants, lawns require adequate nutrition to keep them looking good and healthy. There are a few things to consider when it comes to lawn establishment, maintenance and nutrition.

For the establishment of newly laid turf or established lawns, your turf can benefit greatly from regular applications of Amgrow Seaweed Concentrate, by enhancing and stimulating root growth, improving drought tolerance and disease resistance.

Lawns require regular feeding, and the best time to do this is in the active growing season which includes early spring, summer and early autumn. Amgrow Shirley’s No 17 Lawn Food is an excellent maintenance fertiliser that can be applied during these periods, providing balanced nutrition and stimulating plant growth.

Amgrow Buffalo Food is a balanced formulation of essential nutrients specifically formulated for warm season grasses such as buffalo, kikuyu and couch. The high nitrogen levels make this product especially suitable for use on buffalo lawns and other warm season grasses.

It contains a unique bio-active compound fertiliser which is high in carbon and humic acids. This component enhances nutrient uptake, increases soil organic matter and improves overall soil health. Amgrow Buffalo Lawn Food also contains wetting agent to ensure infiltration into the lawn and additional iron to ensure a rich green colour to the lawn.

Amgrow Professor Max 3 in 1 Hose-on provides an overall maintenance solution incorporating an organic fertiliser, wetting agent and natural insecticide. This provides nutrition for the lawn, improving moisture availability and the natural insecticide component which is eucalyptus oil providing a preventative control treatment against Lawn Grub and African Black Beetle.

Woman's hand with garden hose watering plants

Conserving Water:  

Water is an essential element when caring for our lawns. Wetting agents can play an important role especially in conserving water use. Wetting agents are a specialised type of detergent that assists to improve hydrophobic, water repellent soils. Sandy soils are most prone to this condition, but also soils that are exposed to extended dry periods can be susceptible also.

Amgrow Wettasoil is a liquid wetting agent in a concentrate or granular form that can be applied to break the surface tension of water repellent soil. This allows for water to be absorbed by the soil, allowing for more efficient water use ensuring that water is being stored in the soil.

Weed Control:  

It is important to keep an eye out for weeds and remove them before they get out of control. The combination of mowing too low and poor nutrition can contribute to weed growth and infestation.  Amgrow Bin-Die Selective Lawn Weeder hose-on provides selective weed control on Kikuyu, Couch and Buffalo situations. Amgrow Buffalo Lawn Weeder controls bindii and other broad leaf weeds without harming your lawn. Amgrow Kleen Selective Lawn Weeder also provides selective broad leaf weed control but is not suitable for use on Buffalo grass types.

Amgrow Paspalum, Nutgrass & Clover Selective Weed Killer is a selective herbicide for control of Paspalum, Nutgrass, Clovers, Mullumbimby Couch and other weeds in domestic lawns.


Pest Control:   

Lawns can be susceptible to serious damage from the following pests Lawn Grub, African Black Beetle and Army Worms. During the late summer and autumn period pest activity can increase, so it is essential to monitor for activity.


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