Potting Mix

Rose ‘N’ Citrus Potting Mix Ref #22/420625

Ref #22/420625


Rose ‘N’ Citrus Potting Mix has been specifically designed potting mix to meet the higher nutritional requirement of Roses and Citrus and is certified to Australian Standard AS3743 for a Premium potting mix


Killarney Peatblend – Sphagnum Peat in combination with coir fibre aids water retention and assists long term stability of mix
BioActiv Compost – The compost used contains beneficial micro-organisms and micro-nutrients, which will actively assist in reducing the incidence of plant root disease and encourage better plant growth
Nutrients – The mix is nutritionally balanced to meet the needs of roses and citrus, providing high levels of all
nutrients, including trace elements.
Amgrow Water Storage Crystals –  absorb water, increasing the time between watering
Wetting Agent –  Soil wetter is added to the mix to ensure excellent water infiltration and even wetting of the total
mix profile.
NutriSmart Plus –  is a unique biological fertiliser that improves soil and plant nutrition, assists in nutrient
retention and encourages root growth


Effective on the following plant