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Patrol Termite, Ant, Cockroach & Mozzie Killer Ref #82046

Ref #82046


Patrol Termite, Ant, Cockroach & Mozzie Killer is ideal for the control of ants, termites and a range of pests in the home and garden. This product can even be used on lawns for the control of Lawn Armyworm.

The product is suitable for use around fence posts and palings, in household situations and on lawns for control of  Subterranean termites, ants, cockroaches, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, spiders,
silverfish, bedbugs and carpet pests and Lawn armyworm.

ANTS: nests, runs, walls, drains and resting places where ants are seen.
BEDBUGS: cracks and crevices in adjacent walls, bed frames, mattresses.
CARPET PESTS: infested area of carpet, particularly around edges and under furniture.
COCKROACHES: walls, cupboards, skirting boards, behind sinks, stoves and pipes. Pay particular attention to cracks and crevices.
FLEAS: skirting, floors and carpets, kennels, bedding and adjacent wall areas.
SPIDERS: exposed surfaces where spiders are seen, nests and known hiding places.
SILVERFISH: walls, cupboards, cracks and crevices, ceiling and exposed floor spaces.
HOUSEFLIES & MOSQUITOES: all exposed surfaces where these flying insects may rest, e.g. ceilings, walls, verandahs, etc.

How to Use
Consult label for full details of dilution and treatment.


100 g/L Permethrin

Controls the following pest