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Patrol Rodex Rat Blocks Ref #70341


Patrol Rodex Rat Blocks are formulated for the control of rats and mice, including those resistant to other anticoagulants, in and around industrial, commercial, public services and domestic buildings. Rats require large quantities of blocks in one or two locations. Mice require several bait stations.Blocks should be separated before use.

Amgrow Patrol Rodex Blocks are particularly useful in areas where baits deteriorate rapidly, such as damp areas, sub-floors, roof voids and out-houses. The hole in the centre of the block will allow pinning or tying in positions off the ground in very moist areas, or where rodents are climbing.

Place in sheltered positions near rodent entry points and other areas of rodent activity. Inspect blocks regularly and ensure sufficient are always available. For effective control, remove alternative food sources and continue to bait until feeding ceases.

Active Ingredient:

0.05 g/kg Brodifacoum

Controls the following pest