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Patrol Ant Killer Granules Ref #82275

Ref #82275


Patrol Ant Killer Granules is a highly effective, fast acting product that kills ants on contact and provides a barrier protection to control ants outside, before they get inside your home. Amgrow Patrol Ant Killer Granules are made up of sand granules coated in an insecticide that kills ants when they come into contact with it. Will control Black Ants, Coastal Brown Ants, Funnel Ants, Meat Ants, Sugar Ants, Stinging Ants.

How to use:

Apply granules to areas where ants are active. Areas such as cracks and crevices in building foundations in between pavers on lawns garden and path edges. Where possible apply granules directly to the nest. Use the low rate for maintenance treatments or to control light infestation.


2 g/kg Bifenthrin.

Controls the following pest