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Patrol All Weather Blocks Rodenticide Ref #70345, 70346

Ref #70345, 70346


Amgrow Patrol All Weather Blocks Rodenticide are a highly pallatable cereal based all-purpose rodenticide based on the advanced anticoagulant difenacoum, which is equally as effective against rats and mice, including some strains resistant to other anticoagulants.  In some circumstances, more than one feed may be required to produce mortality that generally occurs 4-10 days after consuming the bait.  This product contains Bitrex (a human taste deterrent) to help prevent accidental human consumption.


Directions for Use:

Use up to 40g per bait point: 1-2 baits for mice.

Use up to 100-200g per bait point: 5-10 baits for Brown or Norway rats.

Controls the following pest