Pampas Grass

Botanical Name: Cortaderia spp.


Pampas grass is a robust, long-lived perennial plant family containing many species considered weeds in Australia. It generally takes the form of a large tussock, approximately 1–1.5 m across, with attractive, plumed flower heads carried on tall stems. Seeds are easily spread through wind and water making it a difficult weed to control.

Products to Use Pampas Grass

Eraze Max Total Weed Killer

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Eraze Max is a Total Weed Killer. The active constituent is 360g/L Glyphosate (present as the  Isopropylamine and mono-ammonium salts) Eraze Max has a dual Active Formulation containing two forms of Gylphosate for fast effective control and is a broad spectrum herbicide. The product kills most broad leaf and grass weeds and is non residual […]… View Page

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