Mullumbimby Couch

Botanical name: Cyperus brevifolius


Mullumbimby Couch is a perennial mat-forming, grass like sedge up to 15cm high with dark green, glossy, strap-like leaves. Possesses tough long, rhizomes which are red to purple in colour, stems are triangular in cross-section which is characteristic of sedges. Inflorescence is observed mostly throughout spring and summer and presents as a single round compact spike with three short curved leaves protruding from the base of the seed head. Grows best in areas of excessive soil moisture and humidity and can be difficult to control due to a strong network of rhizomes from which individual plants can regenerate. Propagated through both seed and rhizomes.

Products to Use Mullumbimby Couch

Multiweed All Purpose Lawn Weeder

multiweed 250ml angle

Multiweed All Purpose Lawn Weeder is used for the control of Mullumbimby couch, Creeping Oxalis, Bindii (dwarf jo-jo), Sowthistle, Dandelion, Flatweeds, Cudweed, Fleabane, Dock, Chickweed, Clover and Lambs Tongue. Can be used on most types of lawns including couch, Blue couch, Fescue, Carpet, Centipede, Kentucky Blue and ryegrass. NOT suitable for use on Buffalo lawns. […]… View Page

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Sedgehammer Herbicide

sedgehammer herbicide 25g angle

Sedgehammer herbicide is a water dispersable granule formulation used to kill and remove Nutgrass and Mullumbimby couch without affecting your lawn. Sedgehammer can be safely used on lawn varieties including bent grass, buffalo, couch, kikuyu, perennial ryegrass, QLD Blue couch and Tall fescue. How to use: Apply at a rate of 1.3 g (measuring spoon […]… View Page

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