Lawn Care Tips

Lawnporn started as a Facebook page in 2016, by Whyalla (Adelaide) resident Matthew Daum as a page devoted to lawn and lawn care tips. Matt Daum from Lawnporn appeared on Channel 7 Sunrise soon after and the page continued to grow. Followers demanded merchandise, advice and professional turf management products for their home lawns. It was at this time that Lawnporn’s vision was formed, to deliver professional-grade products to home lawn enthusiasts in pack sizes economical for the home owner. Partnering with leading Australian manufacturers to develop a product range, Lawnporn initially commenced selling their products online, but due to follower demand the aim to have the Lawnporn range available in retail outlets has become a priority.

What makes Lawnporn unique is that its followers are able to watch and learn, guided by Matt as he uses these products on his own home lawn, providing practical advice along the way to achieve the perfect lawn.

As Lawnporn continues to grow, our mission still remains to help everyone who wants a good lawn.

Get your lawn on!!!


Launch+ is a professional grade foliar fertiliser designed to be applied to the foliage (or leaf) of the turf, a method of application which is often deemed the most efficient avoiding nutrient losses in the soil. While designed for use throughout the year, Launch+ is best suited to use during times when turf root development is required. The high amount of phosphorus (P), plant available zinc (Zn) and inclusion of kelp concentrate, all act to stimulate root growth. Ideal situations of use for Launch+ include during seed establishment, following renovation or scarrifying, or when recovery is required on injured or stressed turf.

Green Light is a professional foliar fertiliser designed specifically to encourage a deep green colour and growth response in turf. The inclusion of iron (Fe) in chelated form helps get the nutrient into the plant quickly, resulting in rapid and lasting greening effect. Based on the same formulation as Australia’s most widely used nitrogen (N) and iron (Fe) fertiliser, Green Light, in one form or another, is used regularly on some of Australia’s most prominent golf courses and sporting facilities. While Green Light is a solid all purpose fertiliser, typical uses for this product include tournament preparation in golf courses, and prior to televised games in sports facilities. On the home lawn, Green Light is ideal for use before a BBQ or any time when you want to get your patch looking its best.

Root Builder + is based on a highly concentrated kelp extract sourced from South Africa, the kelp formulation that makes up Lawnporn Root Builder+ is considered the Australian turf industry’s best. Many people have heard that some kelps contain plant hormones vital for growth, but what is less commonly known is that it is the ratio of these hormones within the kelp that encourage either leaf growth, or root growth. With a high auxin to cytokinin ratio (300:1), Lawnporn Root Builder+ is designed to stimulate root growth without impacting leaf growth. When used in conjunction with fertilisers such as Launch+ or Green Light, there is no better way to get the turf roots moving.

Moist is ideal for growing a lush lawn in the driest inhabited continent on Earth, so we want to use water responsibly. That’s why professional turf managers will rely on high quality wetting agent products like Lawnporn Moist to get them through spring and summer. While it’s name sounds a little silly, Lawnporn Moist is a serious wetting agent. Made of a 100% blend of surfactant compounds, Moist is specifically balanced to provide multi-action wetting agent activity in the soil; improving water penetration, moisture retention and distribution within the soil, keeping precious water at the root zone for longer. The result is a not only a more resilient lawn through a long, hot summer, but also a lawn that grows more evenly due to the elimination of wet and dry spots that cause varying growth rates.

Lawnporn Four Seasons is a professional grade slow release granular fertiliser. It is the style of fertiliser used by professional golf courses and sportsfield professionals designed to provide rapid and prolonged plant growth and greening effect. Slow release nitrogen and potassium will continue to feed the lawn for up to 16 weeks. One of the most practical benefits of Lawnporn Four Seasons is the superior 150SGN granule size. The small size reduces the chance of fertiliser prills being damaged or picked up by mowing after application. Smaller granules provide better coverage over the turf surface when applied, offering superior performance.