Make the most of any rainfall

Water restrictions continue across much of Australia as water supplies have not recovered from years of drought and lower than average rainfall.

In the garden, the soil provides a vast reservoir for water storage. During dry periods moisture is drawn to the surface providing a water supply for plant growth.

Replacing the deep soil water is crucial. The use of Wettasoil products helps to channel water deep into the soil profile, replenishing the soil reserves. Wettasoil breaks the surface tension, making the water ‘wetter’ and more able to infiltrate the soil. This reduces runoff and improve the amount of water being returned to the soil.

To maximise the effectiveness of rainfall and to conserve our water supplies treat all garden and lawn areas with Wettasoil twice a year.

Wettasoil Concentrate:

The best solution for treating dry, water repellant soils. The concentrate is mixed with water and applied to the soil by watering can.

Wettasoil Granular:

This is the easiest way to apply Wettasoil. The dry granules are sprinkled over the surface and then watered in. Regular use will prevent dry patches from developing.

Wettasoil Hose-On: (In water restricted areas – Simply Take lid off – Mix 300mL of Hose on product into a watering can and apply over 20m2)

The quick and effective way to treat large areas.

Always use Wettasoil by following the directions on the pack.