Get rid of those unwanted weeds

Let’s face it, the hardest part about gardening is identifying what “weed is that?” and knowing how to safely remove it from your garden without damaging or harming your existing lawn or precious flowers and vegetables.

Picking the right product to kill the weed you have:

The first step is take a photo of the weed in your yard then head to our website to check out our Problem Solver section. Here you will find a visual of the most common weeds, pests and insects found in the home garden situation with links to the associated products to target those weeds with the most effective active ingredients. Often the clue as to which product targets the weeds you are trying to remove from your garden is listed on the Application/Directions for use chart on the product label found on the back of the pack or on our website.

Just like any new product if you have not applied it before, make sure you read the instructions carefully and if you do not understand or have any questions give our Technical Department a call on 1800 063 619 before you apply the product. Often extremes of weather can effect application, so always check the weather forecast incase it will be super hot or if rain is forecast as it may impact on the efficacy of the product.