Gardening Tips

Spring is an interesting time in our gardens and in local bushland with so many Australian native plants in flower. Grevilleas and wattle not only attracting native fauna into our backyards but also providing revitalising colour. In our gardens, spring bulbs and flowering ornamental trees like prunus and magnolias are bursting into bloom. With daffodils, snow drops and the highly fragrant hyacinths and jonquils all making their mark as under plantings and in pots, watch out for snail and slug activity around these flowering bulbs as they find their fleshy flowers and foliage quite attractive. Scatter a little Eradicate Snail & Slug Bait, which is pet safe, around them to prevent snails & slugs from feeding on the flower heads. Now is a great time to feed your bulbs with a well balanced organic fertiliser such as Organic Xtra. This will allow bulbs to store up food reserves so that you can get the best out of them for the following season.

If your plants have been burnt by frost this winter, resist the temptation to cut them back until the frosts are over.  Although this may improve appearance, it will protect them in the meantime. Some areas may have frost conditions right up to the end of the month or even into spring depending on the district. If you want to protect the health of your plants apply Amgrow Seaweed Concentrate. This can assist plants through times of environmental stress, and also encouraging a healthy strong root system allowing them plants to bounce back as the weather warms up.

Azaleas are also in bloom as they enter their spring flush, ensure azaleas are kept moist by mulching with Amgrow Organix Sugar Cane Mulch or Pea Straw to assist in locking in moisture into the soil. Avoid overhead watering as moisture on the flower buds and petals can lead to petal blight. Amgrow Mancozeb Plus can be sprayed as a preventative to protect against damage to the flowers caused from petal blight.

You may still have some camellias in flower, leaving their carpet of petals. Feed your camellias, gardenias and azaleas with Amgrow EcoSmart Gardenia, Azalea & Camellia Fertiliser. This has been formulated for these acid loving plants to support their nutritional needs leading into spring.

Start using Amgrow Organix Harvest on your roses. Whether they are established or newly planted bare rooted plants, Amgrow Organix Harvest will assist in the establishment of healthy root systems and encourage healthy growth improving flowering performance with regular monthly applications.

Prepare garden beds and vegetable gardens with manures and compost for spring plantings. Keep an eye out for summer and autumn flowering bulbs such as gladioli, lilliums and hippeastrums which can provide some seasonal flair.

Happy Gardening!